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How Industrial Management Made Me A Greater Salesperson Than You

II. PRIMITIVE AND RUDIMENTARY Condition OF INDUSTRY. Another distinctive trait of this primitive group is, that a kind of intimate community existed in it among men, at the least among those forming the identical society, in such a way that they performed the larger a part of their labors in frequent, and made a direct division of the fruits of those labors. All those occupations, so numerous and diversified, that are carried on individually in society because it now exists, opening a area to so many professions or different careers, have been then in a certain means mingled and confounded, in the sense that they have been exercised in turn by the same people, although in a really imperfect and rude manner. To attain this object successfully, it is well understood that what now we have to think about is industry because it exists, equivalent to civilization has made it, that is to say, with all the organic elements developed in it by time. Considered from this broad and normal point of view, industry is, as we shall see within the article POLITICAL Economy the real object of the investigations of economic science, which research its group and explains its legal guidelines. If, for example, we go to the remote frontier of the United States, we shall find here and there isolated farms, on which a small number of males, belonging normally to the same family, live collectively, and satisfy all their own needs themselves without contact with the rest of the human race.

We shall now see how, in consequence of the progress of trade, all these elements, mingled at first, became detached from one another, and what the brand new order was which was established. In order to seek out its traces it isn’t absolutely needed to go back, as we have now executed previously, to the infancy of society, or to comply with man in the savage state; we will discover a kind of faithful image of it, even to-day, wherever a small group of men live separate from the remainder of society, or with out odd communication with it. That is the more necessary since it isn’t developed recurrently, in the sense that its group is equally superior all over the place; it’s, on the contrary, very unequally developed based on locality, and we find right here and there, in locations even far superior in civilization, remnants of its primitive group. This picture of primitive society is just not complete, it’s true, however it’s near sufficient to the type which it represents. These patriarchs, it’s true, knew the use of cash, which exhibits that alternate was practiced amongst them to a sure extent; but it is obvious that they had recourse to exchange only at lengthy intervals, in distinctive circumstances, and that in general they themselves equipped every part which was needed to satisfy their every day wants.

It’s true, subsequently, that in this small group, composed of so few males, all the important capabilities of the social order had been united. It is necessary to point out, as far as is possible in a abstract analysis, how these phenomena are organized and connected, with the intention to level out the place which every one in all them occupies in the industrial order; that is one of the best ways of exhibiting, at the identical time, the extent of the sector which financial science should cowl. Still, as industry, thought of with reference to the group of the labors which it embraces, is an primarily progressive phenomenon, which although subject to certain invariable laws derived from the nature of man itself, is built up in a gradual and progressive manner; since it begins in a rude state and rises progressively to the miracles of group, which we witness to day, just like the tree which, contained at first within the germ, develops only with time, and throws out its branches successively, it seems to us useful to think about it in its rudimentary and primitive state.

With this exception, they embody the kind of primitive industry, in the sense that all labors necessary to their support are carried on by themselves, and all the functions of social life are united and concentrated within the little group which they kind. A truer picture of this primitive constitution of industry could be discovered, perhaps, in the lives of the patriarchs, as offered to us within the Scriptures. It was a small picture of the world, as it exists in its present situation; with this sole distinction that, on the planet of the tribe, all these features had been mingled, confounded, exercised by the identical brokers, whereas on the earth of to-day they’re separated and intrusted to different brokers, without ceasing on that account to be united and dependent on each other, as a lot as they may possibly be the primary day. But if we are freed from insisting on this level, now we have another process to satisfy, that of displaying at a tough estimate how industry is organized as a whole; to current a miniature image of this group, and point out not less than its principal options. The distinction so regularly established between the industrial arts and the professions called liberal, appears false or empty, a minimum of when taken in an absolute sense.